Tuesday, February 5, 2013

VARROA MITES on Honey bees. Treat beehives either fall or spring CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD powdered sugar roll instructions

Varroa Mites on honeybees in Beekeepers beehive

This is what the varroa mites look like.
An extreme case of 4 mites on 1 honey bee back.1 on the other bees thorax.

Chemical strip treat with Apistan Fluvalinate
or Check Mite Coumaphos.
I prefer using Api Guard menthol gel,a natural treatment much less harsh and bees wax friendly.
 or Formic Acid but DANGEROUS

Either method you choose DO IT fall or spring,sometimes both.
Keith Delaplane,University of Georgia recommends powdered sugar or ether jar rolls,
or sticky boards on bottom to count mites for treatment decision. 
Don't over use strips to build up immunity to chemical.

Varroa Mites on Honeybee Pupa killed in comb cell

Varroa Mite life cycle stages

Always treat before or after Honey flow. 
NEVER with Honey supers on hive