Sunday, September 13, 2009

POLLEN fall flow coming on strong,Honey Bees getting Bee Pollen from autumn flowers,weeds.Goldenrod Bee pollen soon

Pollen Traps on Honey Bee Beehives Milledgeville Georgia,    

Fall Pollen coming in strong.No goldenrod here yet but lots other.I saw goldenrod in full bloom in Camilla GA last week Sept,6.
Notice the color variation in side by side hives from different sources.Click on picture to see enlargement and colors.
With all the rain I expect a great Fall flow.bee Honey bees getting aster Bee Pollen and some yellow weed I don't know. I'll be trapping Bee Pollen up till first frost then pull the Pollen traps.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Local man is the bee's knees - College Paper story

Local man is the bee's knees - Features
GABeekeeping Georgia Beekeeper - CLICK above for story


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SYRUPS-Fruit & Nut- Pure CANE SYRUP - Georgia PECAN Syrup

12 FRUIT &NUT SYRUPS for pancakes,waffles in the morning or on ice cream at night.Also make great shakes or smoothies,protein drinks. GREAT for HOLIDAY GIFTS.
CLICK PICTURE for Enlargement to see contents up close. 
Have these South Georgia syrups year round in my store. 
They make great Holiday and gift ideas. 12 ounce glass jars $5 here.

NUT SYRUPS- Pecan, Almond,Walnut
FRUIT SYRUPS- Blackberry,Blueberry,Peach,Raspberry,Muscadine,Mayhaw,Apple Butter,