Monday, February 11, 2013

BEEKEEPING BEEKEEPER PROBLEMS, all types big small Snakes Storms Stupidity

SNAKE Rattlesnakes that hide under Honeybee Hives, 
Georgia Beekeeper John Pluta Milledgeville Georgia

Beware of shade seekers under beehives in hot summer months.These 2 brothers were not the BUZZ I wanted to hear under my beehives. I'm 5'7 and 6 inches is missing on board without head. I don't want to find Daddy anytime soon. These are fat heavy Timber Rattlers. Click for close up view enlargement.

OOPS- New collapsible smoker.

Need co inventor for the just add water and pop back to life part. Part 1, lite new smoker behind truck, then......... Space saver- slides easily under front seat. All mine,No borrowers, . 

Storm damage on new honey storage building just a week old. 
Several barrels split or leaked,expensive feeding but insurance was good.