Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BROOD BUILDER Patties,A great early spring tool for more bees,High Protein- Queen lays more BROOD

Brood Builder Patties are a superior pollen substitute providing your bees more protein with all the amino acids, vitamins and lipids they need. It is readily accepted by the bees. We do the mixing for you, saving you mixing time and clean up time. A convenient way to provide your bees with the protein they need.

I start using in January for early brood build up for gang buster hives by March for splits. I use 1/4 to 1/2 patty early on depending on weather and hive strength then more as bees build up before splitting.

Place on top of brood frames or open feed protected from rain for beehives bustin with Honey Bees.

After testing for 2 years I highly rate these if you want STRONG early bees

$3@    10/$25          Box 40/$90    100/$200    Very heavy to ship so pick up advised.