Thursday, November 22, 2012

Honey Fast Food Fake Deceiving, "Almost Honey", It's mostly Corn Syrup fake, makes me wonder about the chicken?????

Honey Packets and FAKE Honey Sauce from Fast Food Fried Chicken Restaurants,
 Individual Honey Portion Servings

REAL HONEY vs. Fake Corn Syrup Sauce
The Sue Bee,Bojangles, McDonald's and ONE older Popeye's Fried Chicken are real honey.
Popeye's now adds lots of corn syrup,but at least Honey listed first.

Others a SAUCE,at least KFC claims 11% honey,that means 89% corn syrup.
Church's Chicken no clue,just lot's of corn syrup,honey listed at 4th.
Next time you visit ask if chicken is real or just 11%
just my little 11% RANT

The Real Deal Good Guys
McDonald's Fast Food Hamburger Restaurants Pure Honey Packages,
Use on Breakfast Biscuits Pancakes 
Chicken Sandwich or McNuggets

I'll bet 90% of you never knew about or asked for it.

If you ask for several at counter try giving one to someone eating to try.
You might just get a new customer to BUY your next bottle.