Monday, April 8, 2013

Top/Bottom boards, different BEEKEEPING uses on beehives, BEEKEEPER SUPPLIES, Honeybee Bee Hive Top or Bottom Combination Boards

Below is today's project of building 120 top/bottom boards for the 60 splits I hope to make this week in the south Georgia cotton fields I pollinate. These are pressure treated 1/2 inch plywood with treated rails all coated in three coats of exterior paint.These are GREAT because of same size for either use. Also top can be flipped for a top entrance or when using a propolis trap for light penetration causing bees to seal faster plus top ventilation. Very helpful having a top entrance when using a queen excluder, the bees don't have to fight their way up to the supers.

These are made of pressure treated plywood and treated side rails

I also sell these here UNPAINTED $12 each or 20/more $10.
CLICK pic for enlargement

Beekeeping equipment saver,SAME piece for top OR bottom,

                                         reverse top in hot summer for top entrance and ventilation

Pressure treated wood top or bottom boards for Beekeepers Honey Bee Hives

I DO NOT use them unpainted, 2-3 coats of exterior paint is used to seal them.