Friday, February 17, 2012

NUCS 5 frame beehive Nuc, Nucs almost year round now. Nucs build up from day 1. package bees go down hill for 30 days.

Nucs available almost anytime. Deep or mediums

5 frames into your box here $125

Italian or Carniolan Queens.

NUCS build up very quickly as they have drawn comb with eggs,larvae,capped brood,honey,pollen and laying Queen.
Far Superior than package bees. Nucs build from day 1 while package bees go down hill for at least 30 days.

New queens ready around April 1st depending on Feb-March weather.

Earlier Nucs are with Fall Queens.

I book up heavy early so a deposit or paid order is needed to reserve the bees in spring. Summer/Fall anytime is good.

   Truck load numbers available Deep 9 5/8    or   Medium 6 5/8

New and used wood or waxed cardboard  Nuc boxes available.
Get a group or bee club order together early for a date of your choice.

              Nuc Boxes ready to BEE filled in Spring, Beekeeper John Pluta,
Milledgeville Georgia   478-452-2337 to reserve