Friday, April 1, 2016

HONEY- PURE RAW LOCAL HONEY Bee Pollen and Cane Syrup Pure Georgia Honey Direct from Beekeeper Mail Order Postpaid Pure Natural Georgia Honey


 Honey Store Display Beekeeper John Pluta Milledgeville Georgia, 
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Honey store shelves, 
Honey Bears, 1lb.,Pints, 40oz, 5lb.jugs, 
of Local and South Georgia Honey.

Plastic or Glass Honey containers from 12oz. Bears  to 5 lb Jugs

This is my Georgia Pure Raw Honey store. I harvest honey from my 600 beehives scattered through out 10 Georgia counties.

My bees pollinate and gather nectar to make into honey from many different flowers and trees.

The pure specialty Georgia crops I get are Gallberry, Strawberry Farm, Herb Farm, Cotton, KUDZU, Sourwood, and a very limited spring Mayhaw.
From Florida in March is Orange Blossom.

My honey is natural raw, meaning no heat or filtering, just a light straining for beeswax and bees.

I carry many different sizes: Picked up here 2017 Prices
$4.75 Bears
$5.75 1 lb.
$8.75 Pints
$13.00 Two Pound
$15 40 oz /2 1/2 lb.
$27.00  80 oz./5lb
$185-$205 Five gallon bucket  -$5 into your bucket or 10/more

By MAIL ORDER I really only ship the larger sizes
80 oz./5lb jugs

$45/1 Jug
$75/2 Jugs

Includes shipping and your choice of varieties.

32 ounce Two Pound Jars

$42/2 Bottle

$75/4 Bottles

No credit/debit cards

Check/money order to:

John Pluta

165 Sparta Hwy.22

Milledgeville, GA. 31061

Question/ 478-452-2337  
9AM or 9 PM only PLEASE